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February 19 2015

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Keepin it simple
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Everyone looks worried apart from that guy on the far left.. 

i like how the guy on the right is so shocked he becomes a teapot

he becomes a teapot

he becomes a teapot

I’ve been laughing for the last 7 minutes because of the teapot guy

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best passport photos
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Maybe they need to hire a marketing team that understands Venn diagrams.
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February 14 2015

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Kindness always overcomes antagonism… Instead of confronting our children we need to remember to communicate with them, understanding the challenges they face and empathising

Communication is the fundemental building block of a good relationship and after all what more could we want for our children. Establishing a framework where they feel empowered and understand the boundaries of their actions drives their ability to make the right choices in life

That last one sounds like sarcasm. Anyway, I’d be like “Your request for Cheerios has been entered into our database. Please allow three to four days for your order to be processed.”

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February 13 2015

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